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The six girls selected for the pilot program have been learning about affirmative consent; what makes a healthy relationship; how to respond to sexual violence disclosures; sexual harassment law in the workplace and other relevant laws and protections, such as Title II and Title IX. Poth, the centers communications and prevention coordinator, told students during the first session of the program that language is crucial when communicating with a victim of sexual violence. Often they dont know what to say or they dont what to do to be helpful, so they freeze, she said. Using the right words is really powerful. Poth, who has worked with numerous sexual assault victims, said its important for them to be surrounded with friends Thanks and family members who are supportive and know how to help. An almost universal sentiment is this incredible feeling of isolation afterwards and feeling information about health like they are completely alone in the world and that this horrible experience, or experiences, is something that others cant understand, she said. So any kind of community you can lend them is so powerful. Program participant Liisa Balazs , 18, said high school is the ideal setting and time to learn about sexual violence. Its really important that high schoolers start to learn this at a young age so when they do get into the real world, in college, they know how to deal with everything they will have to face, the SHS senior said. Balazs said such training will be useful even before college because teens sometimes are exposed to risky behavior. At any scene where theres alcohol, people are a lot looser and they let their guard down, she said. Junior Georgia Pensiero , 16, agrees. http://goodmadisonharrison.boxcrack.net/2016/10/23/try-a-similar-approach-to-how-you-would-choose-your-food-skin-is-live-cells-and-needs-nourishment-2It worries me that a lot of people dont know much about it at all, she said.

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If you’re already signed up to receive benefits from Social Security by the time you turn 65, you’ll automatically be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B. You would still, however, cheers need to enroll in Part D on your own. But if you aren’t enrolled in Social Security by the time your initial enrollment period (IEP) rolls around, the onus is on you to remember to enroll in Parts A, B, and D during your seven-month IEP window. 5. Hearing, dental, and vision coverage aren’t included in original Medicare. TRUE As all-encompassing as Medicare is for seniors, one of the oddest things is that there are zero provisions for hearing, dental, and vision coverage. Medicare beneficiaries looking to get hearing, dental, and vision coverage either need to seek a separate plan outside of Medicare or consider purchasing a Medicare Advantage plan (also known as Part C). Medicare Advantage plans wrap up a number of original Medicare’s main components (Parts A, B, and D) under one plan, and also add extras such as hearing, dental, and vision coverage. 6. Everyone pays the same monthly premium for Part B and Part D. FALSE While there are standard premiums set for Medicare Part B and Part D, what you’ll wind up paying may not be the same as your neighbor.

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